Agland Staff

Full Time Associates

  • Operating Engineer (excavator specialist)
  • Commercial Driver (expert in mountain terrain)
  • Water Development Specialist
  • Expert NSO, Bat & Predator Surveyor
  • Expert Fence Builder
  • Expert Stream Surveyor
  • Vegetation Specialist
  • Road Builder (and surveyor) Trainee
  • Forestry Technician
  • Operating Engineer (log loader specialist)
  • Commercial Driver (expert in mountain terrain)
  • Bull of the Woods (Woods Boss)oGIS Technician
  • Biological Survey Report Specialist
  • Vegetation Specialist
  • Forestry Technician
  • Road Builder (and surveyor) Trainee
  • Commercial Driver Trainee (will be the log truck driver)
  • Logging Chaser & choker setter
  • Tractor Yarding Trainee
  • Heavy Equipment Trainee
  • Vegetation Trainee
  • Fence Builder
  • GIS Trainee


  • HSU Student
  • Operating Engineer (tractor yarding specialist)
  • Grant Writer
  • Compliance Report Writer
  • GIS Technician
  • Fence Builder
  • Forestry Technician
  • Road Builder (and surveyor) Trainee



Permanent Part Time & Full Time Seasonal Staff

  • Bookkeeper
  • Office Clerk
  • JC Student Apprentice (17 years old)
  • High School Student Apprentice (16)
  • Diversified Integrated Meat Company Specialist-Consultant, BA International Finance, BA in Marketing and an Alt-MBA witch is the anti-academic, intense shortcourse MBA.

Associates Biographies

Senior Consultant Steve Hackett

As a conservationist, Steve brings the unique perspective of nearly four decades of private sector experience with managing his family’s sheep and cattle ranch, Forest Manager for McBride Properties, and two decades as a contract logger. Hackett has designed and built approximately 50 miles of road, built or rehabilitated hundreds of stream crossings and constructed heavy haul bridge installations.

He began a logging business in 1983 at the age of 22, and upon completion of his Ag. Business degree in 1984 was hired as GM of his family’s ranch and forest operations. In 1989 he formed the General Partnership Hackett Timber and Livestock Company, which annexed the original family ranch with a new purchase to effectively double the working area of the holding.

In 1992 He was appointed to the Range Management Advisory Committee to the Ca. State Board of Forestry (RMAC). As acting Chairman of RMAC Steve helped to establish the vision of and build consensus for the California Rangeland Water Quality Management Plan as a prototypical alternative to grazing regulation. This plan has implemented voluntary conservation planning and assessment on more than a million acres of private California ranchland. In addition, Steve has held multiple-term county directorships in the Cattlemen’s Association, Wool Growers Association, and Farm Bureau, a was appointed to the Deukmejian Administrations’ Council on Economics.

In 1993 Steve was selected as a Ca. Ag. Leadership Fellow and embarked on a two year international and national social study and leadership training with the Agricultural Education Foundation. Also in 1993 Steve formed Northwest Resource, which later became a California corporation, Agland Engineering Inc.(Agland); aCalifornia licensed General Engineering Contractor (Lic. #895241), and anatural resource management consulting firm, specializing in helping closely held resource based businesses stay competitive and profitable through strategic biodynamic planning and providing quality and timely information.

He is the Co-author of both northern CA working landscape conservation initiatives; The California Project (AKA Klamath Cascade) and Six Rivers to the Sea that has currently protected or enrolled 28,000 private acres on 7 tracts in Humboldt County.

Steve participated in the formations of the Northcoast Regional Land Trust and served as President, founded and the Lower Eel Watershed Association, and since his participation in it’s founding in 1989, Steve has been both a member of the BOD and contributing participant in The Executive Link (EL); currently a world wide natural resource ecological and economic consulting network and continuing education forum. In association with EL, Steve served on Boards of Directors of 12 extensive resource land based businesses in California, Oregon and Nevada.

As a keynote speaker at the CA Forestry Association annual meeting, US FWS National Partners Program Convention, the annual National Conference of Partners for Conservation, he advocacies appropriate conservation easement language that is minimalist to monitor but gets to the root of land conservation problems without meddling with management and without usurping husbandry.

He is a US west regional Leopold Conservation Award recipient, A National USFWS Partners Award recipient, a Cal Fire CA Forest Steward of the Year recipient, and was the first recipient of the Northcoast Regional Land Trust’s Visionary Award

Attorney Gregory Hendrickson

Education and Prior Experience:

Mr. Hendrickson has participated in the preparation of transactional contracts for environmentally-based commodities, advised on legislative proposals for reforming national natural resource tax policy, evaluated estate dispositions and trust provisions, and developed and implemented litigation strategy defending transferred conservation assets.

Mr. Hendrickson graduated from Brigham Young University in 1994. He earned his law degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, San Francisco in 1997. While at Hastings , he completed Hastings’ Tax Concentration and received the 1997 Arthur Anderson Prize in Taxation. Prior to opening his own law offices, he was Special Council with the law firm of Coblentz, Patch, Duffy and Bass, served as the administrator for 24,000 acres of ranch, forest, and coastal property in Hawaii, and was projects manager for the Pacific Forest Trust. In these positions he was responsible for conserving well over 150,000 acres of Californian and Hawaiian ranch, forest and cultivated landscapes and participated in developing environmentally-based commodities transactions.

Greg Hendrickson’s practice focuses on family business planning, land conservation, nonprofit organizations, charitable giving, and estate-planning. Mr. Hendrickson is admitted to practice law in both Hawaii and California.Greg Hendrickson’s practice focuses on family business planning, land conservation, nonprofit organizations, charitable giving, and estate-planning. Mr. Hendrickson is admitted to practice law in both Hawaii and California.

Land Conservation Practice:

Advising both land owners and land trusts on conservation approaches for real property, Mr. Hendrickson negotiates transactions, analyzes income, gift, and estate tax consequences of complex transactions, and consults with governmental and private citizen stakeholders on achieving ecological goals and environmental values through limited development projects. He is particularly experienced in negotiating conservation easements for managed landscapes, including forests and rangelands.

Additional Practice Areas and Experience:

Mr. Hendrickson also guides clients through the complexity of wealth transfer, assisting them in crafting both lifetime and testamentary giving strategies., and encouraging them to consider both the tax and non-tax aspects of their giving. He is experienced in drafting revocable living trusts, grantor retained annuity trusts, qualified personal residence trusts, and charitable remainder trusts. He is a member of the Taxation Section of the California and Hawaii Bar Associations. Author of articles on conservation easements for The Back Forty and The Charitable Gift Planning News, Mr. Hendrickson also has organized and conducted seminars in Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest, advising landowners on the tax consequences of conservation land transactions. He makes frequent presentations for national organizations on conservation transactions.

Business Consultant Conner Hackett


Conner has his roots beginning in high school working at Agland and his family’s farming business Ferndale Farms where he became a hand at the high stress cyclical livestock operational procedures, he practiced range fence building, forest road maintenance, livestock water delivery systems construction, along with GIS documentation & restoration project progress reporting. At 17, he successfully conducted a large scale vegetation management project. While working at Agland he also gained experience as a forestry technician, preformed title records and comparable sales research, and assisted in preparing presentations on the Six Rivers To The Sea working lands conservation project. Also, he worked as a netter on a CA Fishand Wildlife presence-absence salmonid survey crew on several Eel River tributaries.


Merrill Lynch & Co. Intern with a senior financial advisor.

Bachelor of Science: Business Administration, Finance & Economics -California State University Chico -2011.

2012 -2017:

Was hired as a college undergraduate by Prather Meat CO in the Bay Area, and placed as a vegetable chopper in their new restaurant the American Eatery located in the Ferry Building. He later became the restaurant manager, then General Manager, Supply Chain Director and Chief Operating Officer.


Alt-MBA May 2018.Meat Retail Business Consultant with Prather Ranch Meat Bay Area Operations as a client.