Business Systems & Strategies

  • Administrative Logistics
  • Human Resources
  • Project & Enterprise Logistics
  • Ag & Forestry Feasibility Determination and Development
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Closely Held & Family Business Strategic Planning


  • Livestock, stock water, fencing, facility and road maintenance support provider for Ferndale Farms LLC; 2003-present.
  • Raging Creek Holding LLC Planned timber harvesting operations, conducted wildlife surveys, 2014-present.
  • Hokokano & Kealakekua Ranches logging and timber products economic feasibility pilot project and cruise cutout check (Hokokano Ranch contract in cooperation with Conservation Solutions). 2015
  • Developed road reconstruction & rehabilitation prescriptions for over 800 road sites needing attention identified in the Blue Slide Grizzly Bluff Planning Assessment (FRGP contract # P9985158); 2000-2003.
  • Lower Eel Roads (FRGP contract # PO210547): Developed road reconstruction & rehabilitation prescriptions on over 200 high priority erosion sites.2003-2005.
  • HR Price (Sweet Confluence) (CA Dept Fish and Wildlife FRGP contract # P0410536, and USFWS contract 113314J154) : Located and designed multiple instream complex habitat structures for construction in Price Creek. 2005.
  • Muddy Creek & Grouse Tree (became FRGP contract # PO210531): Located & designed 26 instream habitat and streambank protection structures. 2007.
  • HR Howe EJ Dodge Logging Camp (became FRGP contract # PO210529): located & designed complex instream habitat and streambank protection/stabilization structures. 2006.
  • Howe Creek Ranch West Multi- Resource and Timber Management Plan (Cal-Fire contract # 8CA07312). 2008.
  • Designed Refuge Creek HR (became CA Dept Fish and Wildlife FRGP contract # P0910509): 2009.

Agland assists families and other closely held agricultural and forest landowners wishing to engage in or improve resource-land based business. Agland helps families become great families, and board governed entities become great organizations with clear direction, endurance and continuity of purpose, and the management directives to achieve these across succession.

We help owners find their future then act to achieve it. This may include strategic focusing, preparing succession, champion development, building leaders and loyalty, or all of it.

Agland is dialed-in to the problems of resource land business succession, regulation, production and human resources. Agland is a company immersed with real life experience, and dedicated to the practical conservation of agronomist husbandry, families and other close ownerships, and land productivity; both economic and ecologic, as they are inexorably tied.

We achieve this by planning, then by assisting in developing repeatable but simple systems that keep people taken care of and pulling together; the essence of business success.

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