Land-Project Planning and Land Management

Agland helps resource-land owners find their future then act to achieve it. Whether a family in business or NGO charged with conservation, success starts with an tangible documented plan that grows wise with practice. Agland planners practice planning on a daily basis; have done for over 40 years.

Comprehensive Planning

For closely held ownerships from NGOs to multigenerational family owners, Agland offers comprehensive farm, forest or ranch plan or production enterprise design like grazing and forestry. Landowners may choose to have a little help with consulting or allot with authoring and implementing an entire plan document from assessment to strategic conservation.

Project Planning

We also provide specific project planning like reforestation, brush renovation, stream and riparian restoration, water systems or road or bridge designs from conception to contract specifications.

Management & Monitoring

We also manage forest, rangeland and pasture lands in Northern CA southern OR, and draft for and/or monitorlivestock or hay leases anywhere in the west.

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Conservation Planning

Restoration Planning

Water Systems & Grazing Design

Wildland Road Engineering & Construction Layout