Steve helped to establish the vision and consensus for the CA Rangeland Water Quality Management Plan as a prototype alternative to rangeland regulation. It now covers more than one million acres, …

Leopold Heroes Sustainable Conservation

Hackett has developed and implemented countless restoration projects focused on improving streams and riparian areas for anadromous fish and other sensitive species.

Paula Golightly – USFWS

He is organized and thorough in the documents that he presents at board meetings. He is prepared and quick to respond to challenges presented to him.

Gary Marshall – Marshall Ranch Oregon

Your knowledge and experience was a great help to us…You weren’t shy about getting right in there and getting the job done correctly and in a very professional manner. Your communication with us was always timely, well prepared, and very informative.

Patty McBride – McBride Ranches California

The success of conservation of working forest properties in Humboldt County is largely due to the vision, dedication, and hard work of Steve Hackett. He has been an effective champion of working lands conservation.

CA Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee

…A new type of pioneer, a humble philosophical visionary with a rooted work ethic, insuring that his two sons, the fifth generation there, are benefited by the return of the salmon…

Michael Max Hentz – California Coast & Ocean

…His advice was well worth taking. He knew what we wanted to achieve to live and work the ranch. Finding someone with those same ideals is invaluable.

Gloria, Janet & Les Barnwell – Chalk Mountain Ranch California

Steve has tremendous integrity and the advice and direction that he provides his clients is thoroughly researched and Steve stands behind it. His approach is transparent and you have clarity from the beginning of costs, outcomes, timelines and process.

Greg Hendrickson – Hokukano Heritage Ranch Hawaii

I have had the pleasure of working with Steve on projects in Sacramento and Washington D.C. In all of our time together I found him to be in command of the issues and to be highly professional in the pursuit of our objectives.

Bruce Yarwood – Yarwood & Associates Arlington, Virginia

Steve is committed to the responsible management of natural resources. His willingness to continue his education and to improve his skills as a resource manager seems to have no limits.

Walt Giacomini – Giacomini Ranches California