You handled our properties with our family’s best interest in mind and with the integrity that you obviously handle your own timber operations with.

Patty McBride – McBride Ranches California

…after completing two easements with Agland, I don’t believe we would achieved what we have here today without him.¬†

Les Barnwell РChalk Mountain Ranch California

Hackett has worked tirelessly to conserve habitat for fish and wildlife, and at the same time works to preserve the culture of working landscapes.

Paula Golightly – USFWS

The key to Hackett’s success in habitat conservation and restoration may be his cultural identity. It’s important that he’s a rancher. He speaks the language…

Su Corbaley – CA Coastal Conservancy

…we would have never been able to achieve any of this without AgLand. As full time ranchers, we just don’t have the time or patience to deal with the bureaucracy and problems that arise, or to … focus on what’s needed to keep everyone pushing forward…

Francis and Lorana Sweet – Valley View Ranch California

His professional ethic is of the highest grade, and he brings the same husbandry to his work for his clients as he does in caring for the land and animals on his own ranch properties. I could not recommend a person, professional, advisor or contractor more highly.

Greg Hendrickson – Hokukano Heritage Ranch Hawaii

He is a man dedicated to arresting degradation and improving the natural order of the land he controls. He has gone to great to improve his knowledge of ecology in general and range the forest management in particular to achieve that end.

Stan Parsons – Ranch Management Consultants New Mexico

We turned to Steve Hackett with Agland Engineering, we knew of his own personal history of a conservation easement on their property in Humboldt. So his advice was well worth taking. Our experience after completing 2 easements with Agland. we have learned that without his professional knowledge, we would have achieved what we have…

Les Barnwell – Chalk Mountain Ranch California

Steve is focused and detail oriented in evaluating each client need. His work product is professional, highly useful, and will result in greater profitability for the client.

Greg Hendrickson – Hokukano Heritage Ranch Hawaii

It’s fortuitous that someone like Steve Hackett is in the process of looking at the global scope of protecting habitat.

Su Corbaley – CA Coastal Conservancy