About Agland


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Our Purpose:
  1. To help families and closely held business ownerships to become great people on the land.
  2. To create or facilitate a balanced state of ecologic and economic agricultural land use.
What we do every day:

Make people want to work with us; because we make their association with us purposeful, enjoyable, and their lives easier.

Vision: (what we see our by our service) 

We see people on the land: Great families and closely held businesses with a long-term manager on the land will always be our best stewards and most skilled practitioners.

We see balance:  Land ecology and agricultural productivity are inexorably tied.

We see diversity. Diversity in biology, economy and management keep us resilient.We see connectivity. Credibility can only be earned from experience; experience in leadership, in land ecology in sync with production productivity, and community connectivity.

We see grazing: Grazing husbandry holds the most opportunity for security, resilience, health and connectivity. Well managed grazing and pasture lands provide both the economic engine and ecological services our communities need.

We see working forests: Well managed forests provide both the economic engine and ecological services our communities need.

AgLand’s Vision: We see the cultural restoration of agricultural husbandry, and reformation of productivity, richness and diversity.

Values (what we believe)
    • We know that no outside consultant can know as much about a place as an observant owner or manager. The foundation of client discovery is to determine where we can be useful and where we can’t.
    • Ecologic and economic land productivity are inexorably tied; one can not exist without the other for long.
    • Sustainable production of food and fiber are the basis of all economies. Without this these foundation, functioning sustainably, an economy will eventually cease to function.
    • Managed grazing and large-tract forestry are the only modern agricultural practices that currently have the potential to produce commercial food and fiber with a net surplus of energy.
    • With growing population, rising land costs and fragmentation, not even a Montana grass ranch is truly sustainable, but multigenerational agricultural husbandry approximates it closely.
    • Every Ag. land holder was once a first generation. A lack of husbandry practice and craft does not necessarily equate to a lack of stewardship. Today, it’s significantly more complex and difficult for an Ag. business to make it beyond the first generation than it used to be.
    • The family or closely held farm or ranch is inherently able to encompass social goals in addition to monetary profit.
    • Family or locally closely held farming and ranching is intrinsically rich in diverse regional cultures, which provide a sound set of values foundation for our nation and the world.
    • Generational ownerships will only persist with every acre and every-person performing at full potential, and having community connectivity.
    • Emotional ownership (in fee title, long term tenant, or management team member) in Agricultural land, combined with passionate labor creates the highest potential for stewardship, and highest potential for husbandry.
    • Harmonious owner and business team relationships are caused by well designed and practiced plans. The underlying cause of every business problem is a lack of a good planning.
Objectives: (how we measure success)
        1.  Leave a Legacy of People; We leave an indelible mark on others by helping them profit: By their association with us, people as diverse as tree planters to company presidents will profit: profit in self-realized integrity, increased knowledge, expanded social credibility and financial return.
        2.  Leave a Legacy of Land; We leave an indelible mark on the land we work on. We strive to make every acre productive and profitable, and leave the land in a more sustainable state.
        3.  Promote Husbandry: We build internal generational knowledge and promote & support other organizations with generational knowledge of landcraft. We honor and celebrate our husbandry culture.
        4.  Create Connectivity: We create institutions for sharing the gifts of good land, and we create institutional opportunities for communities to reconnect (gain culturaleconomic confidence). We build bridges by creating community confidence in and goodwill for land stewardship and husbandry.
        5.  Profit: We make a profit in order to advance our mission and to invest in our vision, to create enjoyable, healthy & safe work environments, and to give to others.
Services: (how we serve)

Our specialty is in creating or facilitating a balanced state of ecologic and economic land use, which we are uniquely positioned to do because of the combination of our peerless depth of agriculture & forestry production husbandry, combined with that same depth of conservation experience.

AgLand delivers stewardship integrity, connectivity with communities & economic resilience.

We work for and with both proactive producing landowners close to the land, and landowners with their land’s heritage at risk. We bring generational, on-the-ground private sector experience in livestock, forestry, farming, and families in business.

Our fundamental products are all experience based, with our staff providing unsurpassed real private sector practice behind every product we offer. The products & services we provide are practical consultation and action planning, including:

      • Business Planning; we help land based businesses address problems, create a place where people want to work, and stay profitable over generations.
      • Assessment; we collect, inventory, map, summarize and provide land information as a necessary starting point of land planning.
      • Conservation Planning; we help landowners plan to keep their land productive with continuity and resilience.
      • Conservation Easements; we help private landowners learn about them and how to make them work.
      • Development; we help landowners design, construct & manage roads, fences, stock water & irrigation, and manufacturing facilities.
      • Management; we help landowners manage projects, forests, farms & ranches.
      • Roads rehabilitation; we help landowners improve their roads and make them resilient and effective.
      • Vegetation rehabilitation; we help landowners permanently address problems with forests, streamsides, rangeland & pasture.
      • Stream rehabilitation; we help landowners address problems with streams.
      • Investments; we create opportunities for new landowners of prime land.