The “Before” CE Scenario (or Non‚ÄźProject or Normal or Baseline (take your pick)) The forest value is appraised just as a normal present value capitalized income management appraisal. All current agreements are off; i.e. the appraisal assumption is that a speculator will acquire the property and do whatever they can under the law to liquidate […]

Percent of Inventory (POI) Retention Community and Landscape Strategy Commercial forest economic productivity and unrestricted silvicultural flexibility are critical for working forests. Forest management encumbered by bureaucracy is shown to ultimately lead to working forests being converted to non-forestry land use with accompanying ecological ruination. The percent of inventory prescription is tailored to provide management […]

What a Landowner Needs to Know What is a CE? A conservation easement (CE) is a tax incentive vehicle created in the US Treasury regulations. Its purpose is to remove qualified rights from real estate. The conveyance of that right is a grant deed like any other real estate grant deed with one significant difference; […]