Land Conservation

Conservation Easement Services

Feasibility Determination

A landowner considering a conservation easement first needs practical advise on whether one is feasible or not, where to get help and how to get started. A phone call to AgLand will  save time and frustration. If the potential is slim, we’ll describe why, but if there is potential, we will come to your ranch, farm or forest for a day or two on your schedule to better understand your needs, identify working strategies and document a procedure to take you through it.

Easement Advocacy

Agland only advocates for agricultural working-lands landowners. Our role as a conservation easement facilitator is to protect all of a landowner’s interests, but our particular practical expertise is in the guarding of both the economic integrity and uninfringed management of working farm, ranch or forest properties through the conservation easement process, while optimizing financial returns to landowners.

In most cases, we engage working-lands landowners interested in selling a conservation easement by a performance agreement, and are paid only if the terms of the agreement are achieved.  Agland gets paid at the time the landowner is paid for the completed transaction.

Please contact us for more information or to make an appointment for a free phone consultation.