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Nothing impacts the agricultural function and economic efficiency of a farm, ranch or forest like roads. Good roads provide logistical flexibility, management efficiency and rapid response. But what it takes to build a good road is mostly under appreciated. The full cost of maintaining a poorly placed or poorly built road is not well understood. At Agland we understand these differences. At Agland, we have innovated, put in practice and shared several structural practices that are being recognized by CA resource agencies and the forest industry as having new utility. Our practice is currently built on over 80 years of our own combined experience in addition to three generations of experience passed down from family predecessors.

Roads costs can be the most expensive overhead costs on ranch and forest aglands. When comparing an investment in a road that may last a century or more with minor maintenance, with lower initial cost construction and the expectation of reoccurring major reconstruction, the long-term investment is proven to be the clear financial and environmental choice.

The effective construction and maintenance of forest and ranch roads is an exercise in dealing with animals, geology, water and watershed hydrology. Effective road planning and construction requires a working knowledge of capitalized investment costs, maintenance costs, risks of catastrophic failure, environmental impacts from failures, and road surface drainage practice.

From steel structure or railroad car bridges to surface shaping and drainage structures, we can build or repair a road to outlast storm, flood and fire. In addition to construction contracting and contract management, Agland provides road and road point assessments and mapping, new construction pioneer layouts, and contract metric drafting. Our special focus and extensive practice means that we can build a better road for less long-term cost. Please contact us for more information on these services.

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