The following owner value exercises may be used to answer the following questions: What drives you? Why do you own, or want to own a business? What do you want in return for being an owner of a business? This also could be expressed as; what do you expect in return for your investment (investment […]

Step 1. Business Analysis including: Financials Budget projection out 12 months Business structure & HR organization model chart including: Ownership & business structure Control Management Labor Advisors Risk assessment HR workbook including: Job Descriptions Training Mentoring CE HR Succession plan Compensation including: Metrics Incentives Benefits Salary Operational model charts including: Capital & revenue Flow(s) Supplies […]

The important reward for a man’s toil is not what he gets for it, but rather what he becomes by it. In a family business, it’s not possible to live well, understand stewardship nor practice husbandry without first identifying and reaching agreement on owners’ values and expectations. Accomplishing that is highly probable with minimal facilitation […]

FIRST STEP: A LANDOWNER’S LEGACY Thinking through and declaring landowners’ desires are the fundamental steps in any kind of land planning. Identifying the desired future derivatives of a business is essential to all other components of planning from capital expenditures to conservation. The vision encompasses the directives that goals will serve and achieve, so the […]